awwwww yeah, baby.

The 2008 VOS Racing Team Issue frames are coming out of the RockLobster Lair.

I won’t say i’m excited to be on this bike, but …



~ by michaelhernandez on January 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “… TEAM VOS BIKES!!!”

  1. Nice. I dropped Paul an email to see if he could put together an aluminum crit frame for me. With all the crashing happening lately I’m not too fond for putting my carbon frame in the mix.

  2. suh-weet.

    the custom aspect is what really sets it apart. Paul does make a rocket-ship of a crit bike. My fully alu version is waaaaaay sharp in the accelerations.

    but we also designed it to be a bit laid back in the cockpit (yeah … i said it) because of my love of cobbles and races like Copperdropulis. so i’ve been experimenting with crushing it over rough terrain and been LOVING the stability of the ride.

    let me know how it goes with you,

  3. BTW, nice job at MC’ing the Menlo Park GP. If this was high school, you’d be the guy who knows the most folks.

    My beard has been chopped down to something more silly looking. I slapped the fu-man-chu with a soul patch (aka flavor saver) and some mean sideburns. It’s a morph of Dave Z. and Vaughters!

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